One spray over the line?

Its June. Officially the summer is here. Someone might want to inform the sun of this however. Summer dresses, short shorts (the only kind) and playsuits are back in. In general: yay, but what does this mean to the average Irish girl? We may have to ditch the thick opaque tights we’ve been wearing under said items all through the winter months and actually bare some flesh.

And so, the burning issue…to tan or not to tan? Irish women do not have a great relationship with fake tan. We tend to turn into streaky-legged, mini umpa-loompas, looking forlornly at the bronzed goddesses on the packaging.  I personally like a little bit of the glow. I have very white skin but a considerable amount of freckles so I cannot pull off the white porcelain-doll look. I do embrace faking my tan at all times and slather up with factor thirty whenever I see the sun. I also wear a hat and sunnies and sometimes just sit in the shade. That’s how supremely sun-concious I am. But with my sun-kissed glow, you would never know this.

However, I am seeing a turn against the tan in many the young fashionista and it’s beginning to make me question my Spray Tan fixation and my love of Sally Hansen.

Up and coming actress Anna Kendrick shows of the pins without a splash of tan and looks fantastic.

Florence matches her flaming hair with her natural white skin and looks great too.

Lara Stone shoes that you don’t need a dramatic tan to show off bright colours.

So while I am not wholly converted to the idea of going au natural due to my rather freckly skin, I am definitely considering the idea. And remember ladies, while the Jersey Shore is good for chuckles, too much GTL is just plain nasty.

Snooki get off that sunbed!