Note the jade nails years before it was fashionable

First up, it’s MIA (thrice for good measure): I first saw her on the cover of i-D Magazine in 2005. She was wearing a lumber jack shirt and apparently was stuffed with a cold that day. The fact that a woman can look that hot while sporting a pajama top and a virus is just heart-breaking. Bitch. No I take it back, I can’t hate her.

More lovely girls after the cut (of course they all have lovely bottoms)

When I win the Euromillions this LeFranc Ferrant jumpsuit will be the first thing I buy

Marion Cotillard: Good god, I used to think Audrey Tautou was my favourite Frenchie… But Marion, there are no words… Really there aren’t. I’d say even if Lord Byron was able to have a go, he wouldn’t be able to pen anything worthy of your distractingly beautiful self. If anyone can help me out in the comment section…?

Not sure I'd chance the jumpsuit myself but Santi pulls it off with gay aplomb

Santigold (formerly Santogold) kills me. Just like MIA, amazeballs music and style. I wear cons, I look like a twelve year old. Santi wears cons, she looks like this:

Though let's be fair - everyone looks cooler when they're flanked by Julian Casablancas and Pharrell

Some set of pins eh?

Shingai Shoniwa – I salute you. I am jealous that you have the clothes AND the appropriate outlet to wear them (not to mention the figure.) There is nowhere else a mere mortal like me could get away with wearing that. Except maybe a gay club in Berlin. The lads down in Hayden’s just wouldn’t get it. *emoticon wistful face*