New weekly section on our impractical, ostentatious, totally unnecessary, unaffordable or just plain barmy objects of lust.

First up, Rebecca’s pining for some Alaïa wedges. Cost the size of a small country, but so pretty.

Here are the River Island redux version for 49 squids sterling (after the cut)

Jennie digs these aggressive red-hot 3d glasses from Bitching and Junkfood. A tribute to Lady Gaga and just in-your-face brilliance.

Sarah is looking for a denim jacket to get her Summer On. Bassike one from Net a Porter would be very noice. But maybe not for €193

P’raps the one from A-Wear will have to do. €35 for your easy breezy summergirl look. Although Penny’s probably will go lower.

Aideen cries hoself to sleep at night over these Alexander Wang wedges.

And these pesky Rayban Clubmasters have evaded her clutches several times as more pressing (and more mundane) fiscal realities have hit. Damn You Opportunity Cost!