Crocs. Not a fan.

I can of course concede that they are the most comfortable footwear in the world. In fairness though… My gran wears very comfortable Eccos. That doesn’t make them ok for the younger lady.

There are some notable exceptions for Crocs. One of which is when kiddies wear them. They look quite adorable on teeny tootsies. They’re good for feet too (apparently!) so that’s important when little feet are growing and developing. So kids, yis are grand.

And midwives. A nurse friend informed me that crocs are the midwife’s shoe of choice. Not just because they’re comfortable for those super long stints at work. But also (hope ye aren’t eating when you read this) because they’re easy to clean.

Easy. To. Clean. Three words that have disturbed me to the core.

Because I WANT Crocs to be ok. I want them to look fab AND socially acceptable. I certainly can’t think that anymore after hearing that little anecdote. I have an image of a nurse rinsing gick off them at the end of a long night in the Rotunda.

Now, Jennie bought Crocs. She took a serious amount of heat for it. I haven’t ever actually seen her wear them since.

Maybe all that will change after seeing these bad boys.

I was thumbing through Grazia when I saw a mingin advertisement where Croc shoes were like little people. And they were kissing a model’s feet. And the little Croc people were wearing Croc shoes. Which doesn’t make any sense. That’s like if people in regular ads wore shoes made out of people.

Anyway I’m digressing.

Basically are either of these ok?

The Farrah - not totally vile?

Hanalei - not Prada but not Croc-like either

I cannot hide that I’m mortified I’m even considering these to be ok…

Did I age twenty years on my last birthday?

Now these are a step too far I fear, but just thought I’d post the pic for good measure:

Sately - going for a Louis Vuitton look here?