Technology. I remember when the height of technology in Irish society was having a video player. And that was so you could record Corrie if you happened to be out. These days, it’s all I-phones at dawn. Over the pub table it’s an App-Off – with everyone trying to out-do each other with sleep tracking applications and Eurovision prediction databases and magnetic compasses. I have recently become an I-widow my boyfriend has taken to his I-phone with abandon and I have been relegated well below his World Cup app.

Technology is ultimately about keeping up with the Jones’. It erupted initially with a My Phone is Better Then Your Phone, it evolved into a competition about whose MP3 had the most Gig’s (mine has 16 thanks for asking), and currently it’s I-Phone mania, with rumblings of I – Pad obsession in the not-too-distant future. It’s very hard to keep up and very easy to get mugged for all this expensive high tech gear.

From the €250,000 diamond encrusted I-Pad

To the €24,000 gold plated I-Phone

But I have noticed a far more worrying trend. Not only is it now vital to have the most up-to-date technology, fashion has now decreed we must pimp out our I – pod, I – phone, I – pad and all the other MP3 technology that does not get the same air time as Apple. Has anyone else noticed that it doesn’t matter how great an MP3 player Creative make or how slick a phone Nokia produce, it’s all about Apple? But I digress, that’s another rant entirely.

Designer Bluetooth ear pieces: earrings for the high powered business lady

Designers are now producing their own phones in conjunction with the major phone manufacturers

Texting just got expensive

Fashion and technology. I wouldn’t normally have predicted them hand-in-hand and I’m not sure I am a fan. I love when fashion diversifies and re-events itself in new mediums but to me this is all a step too far. To be honest it veers too much into Russian Mafia Wife territory…
When I go out I want people to be looking at my handbag. Not it’s contents.