Below is a whistlestop fashion tour for those unfortunate enough to miss the sartorial feast that is the Eurovision. 2010 heralded in one of the most diverse and exciting collections the competition has ever seen.¬† Boobs are in, sequined hotpants are in, natural disaster influences are in (see Iceland), Jetsons asymmetrical hairstyles are in. Butterflies were HUGE and will be everywhere Eurovision 2011. See the trickling effect across Canary Island dance floors with mechanised wings and muslin layers being predicted for avid disco-goers. Leather catsuits were put forward by Romania, but influences were derived from Shania Twain circa ’98 so avoid at all costs. The Netherlands channeled historical costume and high kitsch, but the parody was too subtle to really make an impact. Russia, in a somewhat uninspired bid, made references to scarves. However a magnificent stage performance, with subtle Catholic overtures, (a seeming love letter to the Virgin Mary?) redeemed them a little. Ireland and Iceland kept it situational: the Volcano motif being a recurrent trend amongst the Icelandic costumes and Niamh’s budgetary constrictions on her dress evoking Ireland’s Recession. Turkey embraced Robot Chic and perhaps the most radical suggestion of the night came from Ukraine: facial expressions are in. Contortions, emotion and eyebrow furrowing to be seen all over the catwalks S/S 2011.

Armenia says Boobs are In

Bulgaria: Wingin' It

Iceland interpreting Volcanic Ash

Sequin Hotpants from Lithuania. Muscly thighs a must

Turkey know the future is Metal

Netherlands: Hokey but not Hokey enough

Romania too behind the times with Shania Twain influence

It's cold in Russia

Ukraine rockin' contorted facial expressions

Serbia looked to the Jetsons. Predicted to be bigger than the Jedward

Ireland: Poverty