They look so skillful

What does the World Cup Mean to Me?

Written by Jennie, 26

When I was small, my dad had a pair of Italia ’90 boxer shorts that used to play Olé Olé Olé. They were very funny. When I think of football, I think of all the boys on the estate being mean to the girls, saying we couldn’t play football with them because we were too slow. I think I tripped one of them up accidentally-on-purpose during a rounders game and broke his arm. I know people are angry because some French man ruined our chances of being in the big competition this year. And I heard he eats frogs legs. Eew.

Football is a sport that has very good-looking and very tanned people in it. I think you have to have a certain hair-style to play in it too. It can make you very rich. Ireland is not so good, as we do not have very tanned or very good-looking players and I think that is the real reason we didn’t get into the World Cup. If you look at the very arty shoot for Vanity Fair magazine, you could not imagine seeing Damien Duff or Robbie Keane standing there.

So patriotic

Another great thing about the World Cup are the new players called the WAGS. I’m not sure if they actually play on the pitch – probably not, as girls are always told they are never good at football, plus all these players look like Barbies and I don’t ever remember seeing a World Cup Barbie. Anyway, they are great because they show their support for the football players in really unusual and interesting ways. Firstly, they never, ever, wear the same colour strip as the team they are supporting. I think that is very powerful. They play the game by distracting the opposition team with their glowing tans and swishing hair. I think you would call them a decoy. That was their tactic in Germany 2006, but I think they are going to try a new tactic for South Africa 2010. This time round, they will be even more powerful as they have things like agents and PR people and stylists to make sure that they are even more noticeable than the football players themselves. I think this is so they can earn money for when the football players have to retire with knee and groin injuries, the WAG players will have enough money to play the game. Although I think that game might be different to the football game.

Old Skool Class/ Germany 06...when Wags Ruled the World

More hair and tan than you could shake a stick at

Apparently, people didn’t really like the WAG team much the first time round, but there seems to be a new opinion in 2010. Some fashion writers are writing more positively about them and actually using them to describe fashion trends. Even the really left-wing, intelligent newspaper The Guardian has been talking about how important the WAG team are.  Alex Curran and Abby Clancy seem to be the team captains this year.

For 1 million dollars, you can look like this

Abbey Clancy having fun with her Mastercard

My favourite things about the World Cup are collecting the Fifa stickers. Well I never really liked collecting the football stickers, but I pretended I did so I could get a pack of tayto crisps with them in the shop after mass. I also like the way you can now pretend to be part of one of the football teams with your very own football jersey. I think it might be expensive though. I am going to get a Spanish one and I’m going to support Spain this year as that’s where I go on my holidays.

Sticker Collecting: An Intellectual Pursuit

Customisable Ralph Lauren shirts for the fashionable commitment

I think the World Cup is going to be very fun.

Wag Style 2010: More labels than you could shake a stick at