any more than our three weeks of sunshine and we might end up like these guys

a short angry note on penneys

it was suppose to be a simple affair, an in-out job, a smooth operation. i had a plan of execution in my head…pull into penneys on the way back from the bank, grab a few pairs of gladiators and some runners and swing by the summer dresses on the way to the check-out. less ‘shopping trip’, more ‘grabbing the messages’.

but oh ho, what a disaster of a trip. a disappointing and disheartening fail. it seems penneys had already been raided by the masses of pinkening irish skin just waiting to rip off the thermals and boots for our three week shlice of summer. what i was left with was pitiful to my excursion. 50 pairs of size 4 gladiators, which no matter how hard i try, will not fit my size 7s. an even more upsetting number of runners that only went up to a size 3. rails of mismatched clothes and when i searched through them, a colourful selection of problems arose: no tags, no sizes, wrong sizes, make-up stains, other strange stains.. add this to the usual penneys experience of bumping and banging into fellow rushed shopper and the constant sneaky slip of buggies into the narrow aisles. by the time i reached the summer dresses i felt so deflated i walked straight by without even a glance, and i left penneys with only my seven pairs of pop-socks for 3e.

penneys, our fashion mecca for fast, cheap and reliable clothes, has let me down