I love it when two worlds collide, affording you an opportunity to write a flippant, superficial post about a monumental historical discovery. Fashion-lite meets one of the 100 most important objects in the world. This splendiferous gold cape has been featured in the History of the World in 100 objects series, curated by the British Museum. It was crafted out of a tiny spec of gold and shaped into a very thin cape, thought to have been adorned by wealthy women and children in Wales.

No smiling was allowed in the taking of this picture

Now for the science bit: said cape only comes in one shade but can be used as a statement piece over a dress or top. For those of you feeling adventurous, the cape also looks good on naked bodies, but be aware that it restricts movement somewhat and you may only be allowed wear it inside a glass case at the museum. It has been reported that Sarah Jessica Parker contacted the museum in an attempt to borrow the piece for a scene in SATC 2, but was refused on the grounds of realism. For shame I say, for shame. Samantha in Kama Sutra position no. 56 with a pair of stockings, a camel and that gold cape would have made for good viewing.

Statement detailing for a statement piece