god bless each and every one of you

next week i travel to chicago to live the american dream for three months. the american dream, no doubt, where i arrive with my paddy friends, spend half the summer in an irish bar trying to impress some local chicagoian with my vast knowledge of the irish language (‘conas ata tu?’, ‘ta tu ana te’, ‘caca mileas’), check out the local gaa club, and then leave knowing yet more paddies than before. and lets not kid ourselves here, we’re all the same when we’re abroad…traipsing around any one of the european cities that ryanair fly to, with an indistinguishable map in our hands, looking for that tiny shamrock icon for a bit of home-grown craic (and boi is it always worth it…ending the night arm in arm with your fellow irish comrades to the tune of Sin ne Fiann na Fail)…

this year however, i am going to make a marked attempt to embrace americana to it’s fullest. no wait. scrap that, i won’t be doing supersize me, cletus the hillbilly or handlebar tasches…or any sort of tasches matter of fact. to rephrase…i am open to some of the possibilities that america offers to me. i’m talking trailer trash chic, starbucks hot chocolate, century 21, dungarees, denim on denim, wal-mart, yellow taxis, american apparel, outlet shopping, bandanas and bumbags, yes yes, i said it…mom got me a bumbag from none other than tkmaxx the other day, suggesting i could wear it under clothing to store money, but i am actually considering wearing it as an accessory (thanks mom!)

can 'trailer-camp' be 'trailer-champ'?

american apparel that doesn't cost the same as three cows in euros

might give sos a miss though...sandals over socks

and so you see this is what america entitles me to. for three months i’m going to embrace this dream and claim my fair share of fannypack tourist, britney trash and wal-mart shopper, albeit i’m going to try and make it a more stylish affair than it sounds…well at least 54 per cent of the time anyways.

as this realization dawned on me during the day, and as i continued and failed in trying to pack my bag, i decided on an early preview of all things americana…and nothing screams americana throughout the united states more so than denim on denim. practicing the clashing of this iconic material and learning a few simple american poses should hopefully assure me safe entry through the wrath of security control and into the land of promises.

american pose 1-aye aye captain

american pose 2- b.b. homemaker on dope

american pose 3-fannypack man from above

(missing from the background is only just a 50ft american flag blowing in the wind)