wedding fever is in the air. not for me personally. i couldn’t be further from married life if i packed it all in and ran away to the nunnery in the sound of music. but you know how it is. a friend’s brother gets married, then lara stone and david walliams, jude law and sienna look to be setting another date, somebody else you know is renewing their vows, rita in the office keeps flashing her vulgar wedding ring and every magazine is wetting themselves over how to accessorise your man to your handbag. you know wedding fever reaches its peak of stupidity when the fashion industry proclaims that florals are in. has anybody noticed that florals are ‘in’ every year? and around the same time of every year?

you just can’t escape the onslaught of the wedding machine though.  you’re either partaking or attending, and with each invite comes a whole slew of challenges. what to buy, what to wear, what to say, where to look, what to eat? probably more wedding cake. but the real question is how best to upstage the bride? i mean if you have to suffer the monotony of endless ceremonies, surely you need to engage in some underhand activity to spice up the event? aside from falling into the wedding cake and inappropriately fondling the grandad, upstaging the bride is a sure-fire way of surviving wedding season.

demelza buckley, emerging fashion designer from kildare (our native homeland) has just released her accessory collection on her newly launched website. if ever there was an opportunity to say f*&k you to all things wedding-like and to doggedly hold onto you place on the shelf of upstagement, it’s these beautiful collars and ruffles. simply divine. they are ethereal, delicate, romantic, and very, very statement. so if you feel like renouncing bridal life, rock up with one of these pieces,  shake that singleness all over the dance floor and totally upstage the bride. and of course, they might come in handy for your own wedding one day.