It is a fashion showdown. The Ryder Cup of Fashion if you will. Europe vs USA (I realise only about 5% of readers will get the Ryder Cup reference).

Last week the Americans stormed it with a fashion extravaganza at the Met Ball. I was bedazzled and impressed with this years Met Ball after the criminally fashion-challenged event last year – Madonna in her Louis Vuitton piece…never to be repeated hopefully. I apologise if the sight of it again offends your eyes.

The Met Ball 2010 was a return to form after last years lacklustre event. There were many amazing outfits to be seen.  Blake Lively seen here in a daring blue number from Marchesa winning my favourite look of the night. She didn’t even have to release her traffic-stopping mane of hair ( I get hair lust every time I see her)

Chloe Sevigny keeping it alternative but always on note.

And Mila Kunis getting my third mention in a gothically romantic Vera Wang. Accompanied by Vera Wang: the ultimate accessory.

I knew with the Cannes Film Festival approaching, the Europeans would struggle to maintain their crown as Style Leaders. Initially I was right. While Cannes did not serve up any fashion faux pas, it did serve up a big dose of bland romance (with a whiff of Mrs Bucket’s toilet roll holders) similar to January’s Oscar style. Not too offensive – but equally not impressive. As exemplified by Kate and Eva below. Pretty to look at but hardly re-inventing the wheel.

However, in recent events, our European Sisters have upped their game and we have seen some different, and slightly more provocative looks hitting the red carpet. Marion Cotillard owned the red carpet in this amazing sequinned jumpsuit last night. A difficult look but her simple accessories and neat up-style let this number speak for itself.

Emmanuelle Beart showed that a tango tan is not necessary to shine on the red carpet in a sophisticated white number.

And Aishwarya Rai dazzled in a tailored pink dress with a twist of Grecian style. Sometimes less is more (Kate, Eva take note perhaps?)

It’s a fashion feast. But ultimately who won? As a European I suppose I am biased and leaning towards Cannes. I think this is supported by the fact that while the Met Ball knocked out some fantastic numbers, Katie Perry arrived in a garish number that gives countenance to the idea that our pals across the Atlantic are a garish, vulgar crew.

There’s always one! VIVA EUROPE!