Lara and David = Larid? Dava?

Get ready for some hardcore wedding envy. Maybe you’re jealous of David making an honest woman of Lara Stone? Maybe you’re jealous of Lara getting to snuggle up to David…?

Even if you couldn’t give a toss, I’d say you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who wouldn’t wanna look THAT good on her wedding day.

I’ve not clocked any pics of Lara’s actual wedding dress but this little gold number was an outfit she changed into following the ceremony itself. (Kinda like that playsuit your mam made you change into after you’d made your first communion… kinda)

Both the wedding dress and this piece of fabulousity were designed by Ricardo Tisci (the saviour of Givenchy dontcha know).

I am positively bowled over by it. I’m not sure if anything I have ever seen, on anyone before, has ever looked so good. Probably helps that it’s draped over the figure of a goddess…

(Btw – for those of you who don’t know Lara, she’s a Dutch model who is doing rather well for herself being a Vogue and catwalk stalwart and all. She’s the same age as me. Sickening!)

Now to be fair, the hair is not up to much is it? I reckon I’ve done a better job on me own locks in the past for just a random night down the local.

I’m also curious… I’m wondering is Lara about to set a trend with the dress change? Is this where weddings are headed now? Costume changes that get more epic as the day goes on? I mean, there once was a time when people presented award shows in just the one outfit. Then it evolved to a stage where it became all about the costume changes at the Oscars/Brits etc. Is this where weddings are going? How would mere mortals compete?

I do however love the idea of an alternative wedding dress. I fancy the thought of turning up on the day wearing a dress some brilliant shade of scarlet – something to shake up the old establishment ya know? Is Lara’s gold number a nod in that direction? (Best stick with the long white gown for the ceremony itself though. A clergyman with a hard-on isn’t really what you’re going for is it?)

By the way peasants, guests at the wedding included Tom Ford, Jonathan Ross, Russel Brand and Mario Testino. And then there was Fearne Cotton on the decks sorting out the choons. Methinks the sound of Sweet Child of Mine or Living on a Prayer did not soil the aural proceedings here…

Yup I think Lara and David did a mighty job. Celebrity laydeez of the world – consider the bar raised!