*sob sob sniffles* Am deeply upset while writing this post. Through all my hard work, ups and downs, I have finally come to the end of my education. No more sleeping till noonish (okay 3ish…), no more mid-week bottles of wine and out-on-the-town, and worst of all – no more hiding behind the comforting layers of my trustworthy hoodys and comfortable cons. These clothes have seen me through the highs and lows of my college education and not always in the cleanest condition – no up-turning of noses here please as we’ve all been there….snoozing through your alarm before waking up in pure panic and throwing on the closest thing to your bed before legging it out the door – realising on reaching your destination that there’s food/booze/toothpaste/muck nicely dribbled all over your ensemble*. So now its time to hit the “real world”. Hmm not liking the sound of this. No way. Not one bit.

This next step into the professional world is invoking a serious crisis of confidence – do I discard my entire wardrobe in the name of adulthood (technically I am 24, but y’know what I mean – real adulthood with 7am alarms and ironing your clothes)? Do I have to choose a totally new identity and just buy myself The Professional Sarah? Will I still be able to channel the Real Sarah through this new stylistic phase of my life? Should I embrace this as a liberating step rather than one of terror? I’m feeling terror, definitely terror. Job-hunting and interviewing and no money to get myself some worthy interview attire – terrifying in a Catch 22 kinda way. It’s not what you wear to an interview it’s how you present yourself blah blah blah right? WRONG. It is what you wear – I want to be dressed in a fierce outfit to give a damn fierce interview. I mean surely a sexy pencil skirt and some power-house heels can save you from any fluffing of the questioning or a blatant lack of knowledge in some area? Blind your potential employer with good taste I say. Below are some examples of what I would love to wear if I had the money. However, in reality: no money – no fierce interview outfit – no job – no money – vicious circle my friends,  vicious circle…

Also if anyone in need of a radio researcher/presenter/anything radio related gimme a buzz…

lovely jubbly hareem pants

shorts - but formal shorts

the skirt, the bag, the ring...just not the shoes

love everything

i'm sorry, but who wouldn't employ me in this?

*Just a note. When reading this article it may seem that I spend all  my time in dirty hoodys and trackies/jeans BUT I do happen to be quite fashionable when I want to be. Just not when I spend my time wrapped around my laptop spewing out work for hours on end.