Louis Vuitton Making It Chic

Time to pull up your socks ladies… the sock trend is set to stay with us throughout the season and is only to get bigger for Autumn/ Winter 2010… The high street is awash with ankle socks (super cool worn with heels and a floral inspired dress), knee highs, over the knees, and thigh highs – all of which are BIG news right now! Love ‘em or loath ‘em girlies, socks are one of the biggest accessories of 2010. Marni, Michael Kors and the uber fabu-licious Alexander Wang all said so… so there… that means it’s true!!

Alexander Wang Spring RTW 2010

I love the look when executed right, but I think that can be a trickier task than it may seem… I have been aiming to channel more Carrie from SATC and less Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, and am the first to admit I haven’t quite managed it… yet!

Mmmm...perfection...check out the delicious clutch


Scarier still, when we see the usually chic Serena from Gossip Girl, who could probably wear a bin liner and still look stunning (damn her and her amazing locks), manage to make the sock-look overtly sexy. It sends shivers down the spines of Irish ladies.

As with trends we tend to discard as quickly as we embrace (tartan or lace spring to mind) this trend has been emerging on and off the catwalks over the last few years, coming back with gusto since AW 08, but it has hit 2010 with a bang. The goal, if one is brave enough, is to achieve casual chic, a look that is easy, cool, with just a hint of sexy. But the dangers of socks, particularly the over-the-knee version, are to fall into the a) schoolgirl trap or b) the slut… or heaven forbid c) a mixture of the two..

The key is to avoid at all costs pairing them (pardon the pun) with a skirt with any kind of pleat or anything too tight. I think the look is best pulled of with denim cut off shorts, a loose fitting denim shirt and patterned skirt, a simple dress with an oversized belt or ala Wang SS10 layered over tights – nicely toned down with a long boyfriend cardi and/or a leather jacket.

Socks can overpower almost every outfit if not styled right – from how to wear your hair to the shoe to choose. You can be so close but yet so far…. From what I’ve seen I reckon they look best teamed with shoe boots or loose ankle boots.

Topshop have a fairly good selection, as do Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and River Island, in typical RI fashion however, some of their styles are just a little too much…. with lace tie detail tops (a variation perhaps best left in the bedroom!)

Me thinks it’s time to get buying ladies…weather it’s a simple grey wool pair, a catwalk inspired cut-out pair, a stripey or diamond patterned pair (for the very brave) or even the more risqué lace topped styles. Be they below the knee, above the knee, thigh high or just anklets, find what suits your shape best and sure a little experimenting never hurt anyone! Opt for knee high or just above for the best slimming effect on your pins… But hey, if you got the legs, deffo sample some ankle styles ala Agyness Deyn

Anywho, dying to hear what you all think… here are some of my inspirations for pulling it off… Successfully managing an effortless, bohemian, casual yet uber cool look!