Never mind asking me why! But I’ve seen The Afternoon Show twice in the last two weeks and I thought the wimmin were looking bloody brilliant! That Sheana one is awfull good looking, I have to say.

Yesterday Maura was wearing a really cute lilac, short sleeved, ruched-shouldered top with little white poodles all over it. Now, while that sounds dreadful it actually looked really cute teamed with jeans.

(It’s Topshop apparently but I’m not sure if it’s from it latest stock or not)

The two ladies looked great. Sheana’s make up is usally more muted than Maura’s but both women’s war paint was really well done and suited to the show. (Unlike Sharon Ni Bheolain’s Six-One news look)

Good on ya RTE make-up and wardrobe – well played!

Not only that, but yesterday’s show had a great feature about summer hair by Shay Dempsey. AND a really good wine-tasting feature. What’s not to like?

You can view it here