Hey, Aideen here. Yes indeed, this post is an ode to a stylist BUT, it’s a big fat grumpy rant as well. You have been warned.

The Sun to The Guardian

Celebrities are really pissing me off today. Why? Because they’re loaded. Loaded people can afford stylists and make-up artists and personal hairdressing visits from James Brown. Seriously, if you and I were as rich as they were – would we or would we not look as fabulous?

You know when people fall over themselves to complement how great Cheryl Cole or Nicole Richie look? Stylist alert! They paid someone to make people think they have a natural, innate sense of vogue.

Rihanna’s another one. I read an interview she did for i-D magazine some months back where she claimed she had always been into  cutting edge fashion. Apparently, back in the day in Barbados, she and a friend would rip out pics of amazball outfits from magazines and try to style themselves like the women they admired. I actually love Rihanna’s look but it’s not her own. It’s Mariel Haenn‘s. Always into hot fashion? Who are you trying to kid Ri-Ri?

She'd probably try and tell you this outfit was foisted on her by the record company

I LOVE street style and poring over pics from Style Hunter on Grazia Daily. These are the people who have that aul ‘X-factor’ – but without having to pay someone to make them appear fashionable. I’m presuming most of the peeps I see on lookbook.nu aren’t totally loaded either (though to be fair, some of them do look like they hit Daddy’s credit card pretty hard.) The photos on these sites are also great because they show how true style comes from the street up, not the catwalk down.

Glamour magazine recently compiled a Best Dressed 2010 chart. Guess who was at number one? Why, the one and only Cheryl Cole of course. You know, the one from Girls Aloud who used to look like a knack-bag? Yes, yes, she made it to the top of everyone’s Best Dressed list without any help from anyone.

It’s logical really, that people tend not to know the names of stylists unless they’ve an interest in fashion and finding out who is behind what look (like Nicole’s mega stylistista Rachel Zoe –  She’s mad famous but ask one of your friends if they’ve ever heard of her. No? Didn’t think so.)

But my ode to stylists today isn’t so much to people like Zoe, Hann or Chavez who have already ‘made it’. I do however, want them to know that I haven’t been fooled into thinking that Rachel Bilson’s chic-ness is down to her eye for fashion. It’s down to her wallet and the fact that she can afford your services.

No, my tribute today is to the stylists who are working in wee shops in wee towns around the country… The helpful girls in the Topshop changing rooms who offer style advice for free while you try on some gear. For all you stylists who haven’t yet made the big time. I say fair play to yis!