Yo peeps, Aideen here.

Freja Beha has been on the scene a while but recently she seems to be bewitching and beguiling the fashion left of centre. Here she is on the cover of last month’s i-D magazine.

(I love this cover cos she’s wearing MY CHAIN. Well, ya know, I have one like it. But it’s nicer for me to think she’s stealing my moves.)

So she’s Danish and she’s 23. The fash pack love her and Karl Lagerfeld is said to be a big fan. It’s her androgynous, FIECRE look apparently. That and the fact that she sports 16 tattoos. I’m guessing. The make-up department must love her marching their way.

"Serendipity is Life" eh?

But why are her tattoos in English, not Danish? Anyway…

Below is part of a shoot she did with British Vogue in March. I don’t know many other women who can make fisherman’s booties look this good.

Vogue, 3/10

My friend Amy pointed out how cool her haircut is. Note also the fierce eyes (while I roll mine.)

W Magazine - she can do feminine too, see?

Interview Magazine, 4/10.

Truth is there’s not a whole lot to say about her. Not to be down on models or anything, but they don’t inspire much talk do they? Unless they’re caught on camera snorting coke, I suppose. Anyway just thought ye might want to take a gander at the latest IT girl.