henry smizing down at me

so i had completely forgotten about henry holland‘s collaboration with debenhams until just the other day, as i stumbled across the collection fresh out of  breath and looking a little bit too haggard. an hour of getting lost around the ever-changing, ever-messy kaleidoscope of  fashion trends and fashion faux pas that is, without deny, any debenhams store throughout the country, tends to do that to you. to be honest, it wasn’t even that hard to spot henry’s clothes anyways. the mass of acid colours momentarily blinded me, and i’m sure i can still see an imprint of the fluorescent H! logo in my mind when i close my eyes. then i remembered seeing a preview of the clothes in a magazine, modelled by none other than ‘it-girl-and-general-fashion-super-cooler-trendy-of-the-moment’ pixie geldof. hmm…there was some sort of fluro american jock thing going on in that shoot…was it a denim bomber jacket i liked?…ooh and some nice shorts with heels combos…yes yes…it was definitely a collaboration to check out. so i delved into the rails and rails of clothing as a giant henry poster smiled down at me, in that alluring smize and giant head of hair pose he does so well.

five minutes later i was finished. disappointed. and feeling a bit deflated.  the collection, as a majority, was a bit meek, and a bit childish. out of the entire range there were just a few pieces that i could see myself wearing, a dark indigo floral playsuit, a large grey zippy, some gold chains and, in fairness, a fantastic pair of heels. however the rest of the collection was just a tiring repetition of ditsy floral and ditsy summer colours, mixed with a poor replica of token toughness. what really surprised me in store also, was the poor quality of a lot of the clothes, in particular the dresses, playsuits and beachwear, which really just reminded me of bargain children’s clothes that come in plastic wrapping from supermarkets in france and spain. and all this from the lad that created such a sensational stir in the fashion world just a few years back with his emblazoned t-shirts, ‘i’ll show you who’s boss, kate moss’. well i don’t think you’ve shown her quite yet henry…

oH! no. ditsy and pointless

aH! i defy you to tell me this isn't simple hideous!

eH! creamfields ten years ago anyone?

uH! when 'fashion toughness' meets horror film

agH! when bad florals and bad quality join forces

however, i have to admit, i do secretly lust after these shoes.

a fluro-induced migraine i wouldn't mind getting

on another note regarding collaborations, gossip girl are due one with miss selfridge over the next few weeks. watch this space!