Please Rihanna, you aint cooler than the original you

Aideen here…

Naomi’s post got me thinking.

I mentioned that I think the reason it’s so hard to decide on what makes a 21st century style icon, is because of the Internet. Ooooh groundbreaking thought eh? Still though…

It’s made us so fickle, made cultural shifts happen so quickly and facilitated so many subcultures and styles to exist at the one time. Achieving consensus is very difficult in a way that it wasn’t in the 20th century.

OR it may not be t’internet at all. It could also be because of a phenomenon you’ll hear my parents constantly harp on about – “Nothing’s new, ye’re just copying what happened in our day.”

hot or hotter?

When I was in college, we had a very heated debate in one of our favourite lecturer’s classes – Des McGuinness (I say ‘we’ because Jennie and I are best buds since those heady days). The debate centred around wondering is there any such thing as originality anymore? Are there any true originals left in 2010? (2001 it was then – eeek!)

We’re definitely remediating looks, music and fashion of yesteryear. Can you be truly original if you’re revisiting these motifs of decades past?

Are our icons just new versions of past innovators?

I think GaGa pulls it off actually

And so what if they are? Lady Gaga makes no bones about the fact that she’s channelling looks and ideas from the past. She said herself she’s not trying to re-invent the wheel. I’m paraphrasing here but she has more or less said, she believes she can present it all in a new and exciting way. She’s certainly coming good on that promise.

Now I’m sure there are originals. But if they are people like Agyness Deyn (not original btw but people of that ilk), well – she isn’t famous enough and therefore cannot be described as an icon.

So I want your input people – who are the style icons of our day? Granted Amy Winehouse and Beyonce and peeps like that are beacons that typify the age of the internet – but I don’t think you can say they’re fashion icons. Can you?

Big hair, fat eyeliner - big fat ageless mess?

Like Naomi said, it has been easy to agree that Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn are icons.

But our generation needs someone similar to look up to, to inspire the masses (and royalty alike).

Tell me!!!! Who are they? Kate Moss?