Terry Richardson and Jersey Shore have combined for some fist pumping, weight crunching, fake tan filled, hair gelled action in these new set of pics. As previously blogged about, Jersey Shore is the new hit reality car crash show on MTV. A house on the Shore was filled for a summer with self proclaimed “guidos” and “guidettes” to run amok in – a reality show quite unlike any other. The “guidos” in this show seem to have fared a lot better than the “guidettes”, coming out with a squeaky clean (and extremely tanned) image, despite their outrageous and provocative behaviour….cue Richardson jumping on the bandwagon to give us these relatively tame ( by Richardson’s standards ) pictures for Interview magazine.

Richardson looking quite buff behind his nerdy exterior.


is that a 6ft baguette in your pocket? yes i thought so.

dj pauly

25 minutes to do his hair, i dont even take 25 minutes on my hair!!