just hangin

I know, I know, I’m probably a wee bit late in discovering this band…in fairness though, it’s not the usual type of band I would be interested in. But after youtubing this indie folk quartet, not only am I am thoroughly impressed with their hit song Little Lion Man, but the positively dapper fashion of the boys in the band is fantastic. I do love to see a man that takes pride in his appearance. Too many rely on the usual uniform of not-too-tight-not-too-baggy jeans and t-shirt/ hoody depending on the weather – although to give them some credit they’ll always have the latest three stripe runners…

Anyway back to Mumford and Sons – from their slacks to their trilby hats to their extremely dandy three quarter length tailed jackets, and their just-about-right facial fluff (you know – not quite bum fluff but not as far as Hobo Forest Face), these boys have got the new age scruffy bohemian look down to a T. But are they bordering on just a little too scruffy bohemian looking? Is there perhaps an indie stylist ala Peaches Geldoff, hiding in their cello case to make sure waist coats are unbuttoned at just the right side of cool? Meh, I dont really care if there is –  any bit of effort in male fashion in always appreciated.  I’ll leave that thought with you readers while I go enjoy the music before they disappear into the black hole of 1 album wonders – MGMT anyone? No, thought not.

hmm do we look convincing?

is it just me or do they all seem thoroughly confused as to how to play their instruments?