Long gone are the days of slavishly following the trials and tribulations of the not-so-reality TV show The Hills. It seems we have finally and thankfully grown tired of the beautiful and blonde cast of The Hills and it’s not-so-successful  spin off, The City. We are tired of beautiful people partying in VIP red-rope enclosed areas, sipping on $20 drinks. It seems due to this current economic instability, due to the incredible lack of disposable income, we long not to cry over the unattainable fashion forward wardrobe of Olivia, Whitney and even LC. We would much much rather watch some tragic, trashy, train-wreck TV. We want the cast of Jersey Shores. It seems MTV’s launch of this “party all day, party all night” phenomenon, with its woeful display of spray tans and hair gel came juuuuust at the right time. We want to feel good about ourselves right? We want to feel up to date in the fashion world even though we have been living in the same shabby yet oh-so-reliable ankle boots for what seems a lifetime. One way to do this is to switch from analysing the designer threads of the rich and famous in LA to carelessly cringing as the Italian “Guidos/Guidas” bump n’ grind in Jersey Shores.

They live life simply; for the guys it consists of spray tans, the gym, lipgloss (yes really) and being admired on the beach. The girls are quite similar really, spending only slightly less time on their hair. Seeing their shredded cotton mini dresses, bikinis and tracksuit bottoms (worn as a dashing two piece) and long, dyed tresses bring a certain smile to my face. This smile is one of self happiness, as cruel as this may sound – this new era of reality TV style makes you feel so wonderful about your ability to leave the house in something slightly visually appealing. Bye bye to the days of self-loathing, of longing for money to spend on designer clothes…and hello to MTV helping us all be joyfully grateful for what we have . . .Penneys newbies, outfit repeats (maybe switching up shoe choice, but just maybe) and the like.

Jersey Shores was positioned perfectly to snap up us viewers who have become bored with the contrived, pouty rich kids of California. The nail in the coffin: The Hills very own leading lady Kristin Cavallari told a certain magazine that she loves Jersey Shores and is even a little jealous of its success.