Marks and Spencer can be very mammy catalogue-y. But but just as often, they can produce the divine!

Like these shoes. I love them. I’ve tried them on. They’re shockingly comfortable for such a high heel. They’re only a paltry e47.50.

I just dunno whether to get them or not. If I do, will I actually wear them? I have to walk for about 30 mins each way to work so maybe I wouldn’t. Also I have this pair of shoes that I haven’t worn yet. Would they fall into that category? And even though they’re less than 50 quid, I’m worried the flood gates would open if I went into town to get them. I think I’d just end up on a spree. Ill advised.

Oh I’m feckin hopeless…


sorry bout the teeny tiny pic but you get the idea… see more here.