well peeps, this isn’t so much of a post as it is a plea. well not a plea really, but a mild probing. borne out of an alliterative panic attack. anyway, sorry – to the case in point. us gals here at what will i wear are hoping our readers might oblige us by providing some feedback on the site. we’d love to know what you think: what you like, don’t like, what we do well, what we don’t, what you would like to see more of, what your interests are etcetc. remember – honest, but not too honest. tart it up a little if it’s gonna be too harsh.  we are thrilled (and a little flummoxed) that people are reading us, so as we advance forward into the next evolution of what will i wear*, we’d like to take your thoughts into consideration. if you could get commenting on the site, that would be most appreciated. this is good for us as it affirms that there are people actually reading our articles and not just vacuously scanning the pretty pics. you’re not, are you?

muchos muchos gracias

* that will be my opening if i ever end up addressing the nation. borrowed from the west wing i think