bra tops. i just don’t get them. i really don’t. if someone could please explain them to me i would be much appreciative. so they are bras that are worn as tops yes? but who might i ask can wear them? i’m all for looking at completely ridiculously over-the top extravagant clothes on the runway.looking though, never ever wearing. but its as if this recent trend is trying to be worn somewhere besides the runway as well. maybe i have just missed the memo but is it not still unacceptable to wear your bra as a top or indeed over your clothes. as well as it looks on the models of marc jacobs and chanel i do think this should be kept to the runway! perhaps being from a small inconspicuous town that has not yet accepted the concept of underwear worn as outerwear has got me brainwashed but if anyone else out there is of the same opinion as me do let me know. or i might just have to run out and buy some undies to look cool. indeed we all remember it being modelled first by our dear carrie bradshaw in sex in the city back in the day but it has recently shot to life once again. for those of us who don’t have a washboard stomach or perfectly rounded bosoms it is definitely a tricky one to wear (if you are interested in this ‘odd’ look that is). having seen both lady gaga and paris hilton-who are not two of my most beloved style icons-wearing it i have decided to steer clear of this trend over the summer months. maybe someday when walking down the street in a bra is deemed as the norm ill give it a go but until then i think it best to leave it to karlie kloss,  jessica stam and the likes.