€5 in a market in tenerife. twas a comfort buy after my wallet was nicked the previous night. once again, damn you alehandro.

It’s almost gotten to the point where I wouldn’t understand how to pay full price for an item of clothing. Not that I’m a hustler baby. It’s just that I instinctively walk to the sale rail in a shop, I purposefully ignore ‘just in’ signage and 90% of my handbags come from charideeeeee shops. Below are a few of my latest steals.

are butterflies naff? at €3 who cares?

new look pink lace for €10. khaki top €10

tk max lace for €8. pink lady for €5 in new look. note that i bought the black lace after i bought the pink lace. it was the tk max thing.

brogues for €18 in new look. colleague thinks they look like grandpa simpons dancing shoes. flatmate thinks they look like 1920’s golf shoes. again, for €18 – who cares?

shiny shoes for €9 in tk max.

waistcoat for €15 in some shop in wexford. green ruffle shirt birthday present from Mammy. no doubt it was on sale too…it runs in the family.

jumpsuit for €29. Studio 54 for under 30 smackers i kid you not.

not quite a steal but its MALENE BIRGER! €89 reduced from just under €400! just to reiterate: !!!!