today was not a great day for me. in life and fashion. i got up, looked in the mirror and decided just then that i was going to have neither a good face, good hair or good clothes day. i threw on a pair of tracksuit bottoms (great festival find) and a scruffy t-shirt along with a pair of jennie’s runners that i stole (sorry jen…emmm couldn’t get through to you? yeah that’s a good excuse). after a whirlwind cramming session for my driving test, i set out to go to the test centre. leaning back and forward on the waiting room chair was the worst bit (or so i thought).  as soon as i met the examiner though, in his stern leather jacket and wife-bought shiny shoes, i knew it wasn’t going to go well. i think his distinct lack of response to my wide-smile put me off the most. anyway long story short, the test didn’t go so well and i have decided to channel my anger with a bitch and moan session on whatwilliweartoday? what hit me most about that day was not the shaky reverse around the corner or the ‘lack of observation’,  but the worn, black, side-zipped leather jacket the examiner was wearing. i began to think about the men i know who wear leather jackets. in total i think its two: my dad when he is riding his mot0rcycle, and my friend’s dad when he is riding his motorcycle. this i think is perfectly fine. they are sturdy, hard-wearing and act as a protection against the harsh elements. but outside of those two examples,  i think that quite possibly could be it for men. i have come across few men who actually look good in leather (generally in the pages of vogue, glamour, cosmo etc) and then the rest get it so desperately wrong you just cant help but wonder why? oh dear god why? it’s always too tight, too cheap, too spaghetti western, too eurovision, too sleazy italian, too mid-life crisis, too shiny and sometimes, just sometimes, too feminine. i am definitely not saying that men are the only culprits of this risqué trend but from what i have seen and heard it is usually  the men who tend to ‘misinterpret’ these jackets (to say the least). so mr-examiner-who-failed-me, is it jonathan rhys myers or ‘becks’ who inspired you to wear one of these monstrosities?

oh the horror

double the leather

double the hideous-ness

since i’ve calmed down a little, i do applaud the men who get the leather trend right though. brad and shia le beouf  have it down to a T. but apart from that guys lets leave the leather to the bikers and the women. even though leather emerged as the male jacket icon, it has been captured and mastered by us women! better luck next time lads.

picture perfect in a biker jacket

shia, my personal fave, never gets it wrong