Temporary tattoos were all over the Spring catwalks – being hailed as this seasons must-have accessory! So is this the latest in noveau chic or are we so caught up in modernism/ consumerism/ pop culture (blame what you will)… that we are losing sense of what is actually chic? Has consumerism and the overwhelming desire to purchase outrageously expensive designer goods (purely as they have the CC mark of magic) to make us feel better, taken over what it is to be fashionable? Where does true style end and fleeting notions take over?

When the fashion house of all fashion houses… the holy and oh-so-godly Chanel, under the guidance of the utterly fabulous Lagerfeld, recently launched a range of temporary tattoos… for €55!!!!! I begged to question…. ‘ehhhhh ya said what now?!!’ Where is the justice?!! Ok so, I hear you, Lagerfeld did feel the need to launch a line of Teddybears in his likeness, perhaps tattoos aren’t too far fetched! But lying there, hungover, casually flicking through Instyle, I was shocked at the strangeness of it all…’Les Trompe L’Oeil’ or ‘temporary skin art’ are 55 exclusive hand drawn tattoos by Peter Philips, Global Creative Director for Chanel makeup.

Personally, I am divided. Now don’t get me wrong – for all you folk who have tattoos, I have no issue with them per say. If there is something you know you want to have on your body for The Rest of Your Life –  sure, cool, why the hell not! I, on the other hand, am one of those tattoo virgins who can’t commit, who has tossed and turned with the idea over the years – oh the inner turmoil of the 15 year old me thinking the now more commonly known ‘tramp stamp’ was the epicentre of all that was glam, grown up and pretty damn rocking. And I must admit Chanel’s recent venture has encouraged me to give it more consideration.

Recently we have seen our ‘style icons’ (or ex wags and their team of highly paid stylists) Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole assist in making tattoos, a fashion ‘must have’; an accessory if you will – I shudder… the barbed wire though, really Cheryl?? And let’s not even bring up the minor issue of her ‘Mrs Cole’ tattoo!! But, I must admit, part of me finds certain tattoos highly provocative – is it wrong that I like the tattoo on Mrs Beckham’s neck or the rock chick that Angelia rocks out? Or the uber seeeeexy Megan Fox…… say no more!

What I am getting at is tattoos are fine, in fact I think they are cool – on certain individuals they just work… and to those who have them they represent something important to them, but temporary tattoos and Chanel??? It doesn’t meche… Yes your right, man up and say what I am really thinking – Ladies and gentlemen, I think Chanel have……. Dun dun dun… drum roll pleeeeease… MADE A MISTAKE!

What would Mademoiselle Chanel herself have to say on the matter…… ‘Oh Coco Coco’ …….the phrase ‘turning in her grave’ springs to mind! Chanel, for me, represents sophistication: class, demure ladylike classic glamour, monochrome loveliness, lambskin leather quilted bag heavenliness, grown up gorgeousness. Sure, I get it, brands need to grow – they develop with society, heck lets face it at times they ultimately lead society. But the vision for me here is lost – it’s warped, it’s ill-fitting, it’s the Penny’s €15 tea-dress with puffed sleeves that bowled you over with the astounding ‘right now-ness’ of it coupled with the phenom price but, alas,  made you cry with disappointment with the utter lack of fit when you excitedly tried it on with your new Aldo gladiators… it just didn’t work!!!

Chanel where are you going? Chanel, for me, has always represented unattainable glamour, its Charlotte York, its pearls and tweed, its afternoon tea at the Ritz, it’s a stroll on the Champs Élysées, it’s a mini break in Milan, its a shopping trip on Avenue Montaigne, it’s the oh so stuck-up-ness and fantasy of it all, that, lets face it – makes us all want it, so I can’t help but think that the tattoo venture is an overly consumer driven nose dive for the brand…

I see the angle, I see the ‘lets get in on the younger market’ commercially driven nature of it, but you are already on the way there Chanel – the Lilly Allen campaign is fantastic, Ms Allen is the right fit – it’s young, it’s sexy, it’s high end, it’s glamorous… it’s Chanel but, ultimately, with the tattoos.. I feel let down. Chanel, my overly priced, aspirational friend, you have let me down!! Suddenly, Chanel for that (imaginary) break in the Hamptons I had planned doesn’t quite cut it as much anymore! You stayed Chav free for so long, Gucci got knocked, hell Burberry was destroyed, Chanel you are in dangerous territory….. Tread carefully…!

Still think I may pick up a pack though…… oh to be stuck on the fence!!