have we officially hit it big? looks like it. well, as big as getting on the front page of  the ‘living in kildare’ section of the leinster leader can be. jennie – being the innovative, proactive lady that she is – organised a shoot and interview with our local paper to out our blogging to the fashionistas of good ‘ol county kildare. myself , rachel and jennie (only ones available) are gracing the front cover with oh-so-cheesy smiles (we couldn’t master the smizing that Tyra so earnestly talks about on ANTM) in a wonderful ‘we never fight’ manner*. the interview is short and sweet and gives a chance for soon-to-be readers to understand where we are coming from. although i don’t have any photo evidence of this yet, it can easily be found in the style section of the leinster leader in newsagents and shops across kildare. so get buying people!

* sometimes we do. only sometimes.