I too must contribute! I have many TK Maxx stories to prove the brilliance of said establishment but I’ll not bother.

Behold! The proof is here!

don't be distracted by messy dressing table!

Lavly, lavly fake snakeskin court shoes by Laceys.

I LOVE THEM. I bought them before Christmas when I accidentally wandered into TK Maxx in Cork (The best one in the country, if you ask me).

After I bought them, I saw Kate Moss sporting a similar pair. Jaysus the rush of blood that went to me head after that – I felt as high as a kite!

True to TK Maxx form – I haven’t worn them yet. But I absolutely will. Whenever the weather gets a bit better and boots stop being obligatory, I will be wearing these bad boys at every opportunity.

The damage? Pah! A measly e25!

As a consumer I WIN!!!

Aideen 2 – The Man – 0

(Find out more about my first win here)