In response to my TK Max piece, I had quite an influx of emails from people describing their own experiences in that den of inequity. Some ranged along similar lines to my own thoughts:

“That place makes me very anxious. My friends are like ‘ooh look at my 10euro this seasons DVF dress’. I can however only find Billabong hats just like you!” Barbara

Others however rallied in defense of the Supershop:

“As a devoted T-Maxx shopper, I object!!!” Yolanda

Others still were compelled to investigate themselves, with optimistic results:

“Undeterred by your cautionary tale, Aoife and I both acquired entirely unnecessary yet awesome items from TKMax today”. Victoria J. Moore

…but possibly tempered by immediate shoppers remorse:

“You’re so right – its an atmosphere that fosters madness. I got a belt for a tenner – but it has zombies on it, so its all good”. Aoife

And then this stream of consciousness debate from Grace:

“right. after all the writings on tkmax i thought i’d pop in this morning to have a quick sconce…considering my wardrobe is seriously pathetic (my outfits have consisted of jeans and a hoody and one or other of my broken ripped or insufficient jackets).i didn’t see anything that stood out and revert me back to my fashion queen status (ha.ok that’s pushing it).but i did see one particular item that grabbed my curiosity.what do you think of those japanese style puffy sports jackets.think uniqlo. it‘s not too puffy. bit of a crop – moss green with a white asymmetrical zip down the front?? it’s 30euros.which my budget doesn’t really stretch to but i could tighten it in for the next two weeks and ask mom for a wee bit. hmm…i think i quite like it but i want a new jacket to be a proper buy and i need an external opinion so i know it will last awhile.

wow.this is what the recession does to people…a long email questioning a thirty euros jacket. haha “