It  may seem a bit early to be discussing beachwear – even Heat magazine has yet to bring out the “How to lose half your body weight to be bikini perfect” special edition.  But fortunately enough, me and the family are going for a short break to Spain in a month (apparently it’s raining at the moment, but by god it better have stopped by the time I reach the sandy shores!) Of course last year’s swim-gear has been lost to the formidable black hole of terror that swallows all out-of-season clothing*, so I have to subject myself to finding a whole new beach wardrobe on a students budget…hark is that Primark calling me? Now I do realise it’s pertinent to steer clear of Primark when acquiring underwear (to avoid a punctured lung when the underwire eventually pops out), but after seeing these bikini’s on the Primark website, I just can’t resist. I’m making a beeline there as soon as I get some money together.

* the mc ginn hot press is a force to be reckoned with…

my personal favourite