after a year of forceful nagging and the use of powerful persuasion from my older siblings i have finally decided to actually write a piece on our blog.  don’t get me wrong, its not that i didn’t want to, or that i was simply too lazy to write anything (well that second point might not be entirely truthful) but i honestly didn’t know what to write about. the longer the time went by the harder it was to think of anything to write about and what high expectations i had to live up to! but, at last, i have decided to ‘bite the bullet’ as some might say after recently seeing alice in wonderland  i felt i had to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to document the eccentric and ‘wonder’-ful fashion trends that have sprung out of the movie onto the catwalks. so has marc jacobs taken a leaf out of tim burtons book? when one looks at tim burton you wouldn’t exactly think trendsetter/stylista/fashionista etc but looks like he (and a few hundred wardrobe stylists) hit the nail on the head for channelling perfectly the pale (almost translucent) look anne hathaway has going in alice in wonderland. not only is it the pale make up, strong eyebrows and boldly popping lips jacobs seems to be inspired by, but the white ruffled dress also. the almost translucent look with the beading and diamantés makes marc jacobs dress look stinkingly similar to the dress sported by anne hathaway as the white queen in the recreated phenomenon that is alice in wonderland. looks like (a certain favourite website of mine) has not wasted any time in recreating the look also. 20euro we will all have a white diamanté dress (or pocket watch, alice band, ballerina pumps, possibly even a mad hatter top hat) by the end of the summer?