i have found myself absent for quite some time now.from the blog and from everything else… doing god knows what really? this year i am unfortunately doing the leaving certificate so have been completely isolated from all forms of fashion media. instead of catching a glimpse of fashiontv on my breaks from study i find myself watching car-crash television (the hills, the city, antm etc etc.. )  to ease the pain of giving up my life and devoting it to studying (by that, i mean colouring in every new study timetable i make, flicking through college perspectives and  freaking out about lack of studying).as much as i hate to say it, this unfortunate habit of being so unlike myself has stretched to my wardrobe. before the dreaded lc came along i used to live in skinny jeans and pearls+chains,fun dresses and gladiators in the summer, thick tights and fluffy hats and fun dresses (plus many layers) in the winter but now the extent of my wardrobe is the dreaded somewhat tartan school uniform during the week and a weekend wardrobe that consists of a good pair of tracksuit bottoms and a big fat granddad cardie. it hasn’t been all bad though.nowadays when i go out at night my ‘getting-ready’ time period has become longer, more interesting and a lot more fun.any purchases i come across are all saved for that long awaited big night out!i have found myself jumping for joy at finding unworn, still tagged clothes in my wardrobe from previous shopping sprees that i had forgotten about and although stained tees are taking over my life its still reassuring to know that an odd night out equals good times but even better clothes! but i am slightly going off the point…recently on a ‘break’ from studying a picked up this months vogue to actually find out who and what are spring/summers most envied clothes and accesories for the upcoming summer months… first and foremost i fell head over heels in love with both balmain’s and sass and bide’s take on the future warrior trend. metal plating, chain-mail inspire detailing and tribal inspired motifs all help in making this trend a beautiful mixture of the military and tribal fashion all mixed in one. natural but groomed hair and towering heels are a given which is most pleasing i think. unfortunately i will not be shopping designer (until the trends are so old they hit the vintage stores or i marry a billionaire…whichever comes first?) soo… do let me know when you find the most immaculate pair of balmain-esque skyscrapers on the highstreet won’t you?

just LOOK at those heels