Do you know when that one fashion trend hits the scene and you want to wear so much but you just cant make it work…………
My current fashion nemesis: colourful playsuits, rampant on the High Street. So cute, so colourful and everywhere I look. They should come with a toxic warning. Not to be worn unless you are over five foot eight, very slim and cellulite-free. I think that’s about 3% of the population then. I bought a fabulous one from ASOS recently; on the model it looked chic and cheerful. On my shorter, more rounded figure, I am fairly sure my ass became visible from space (and I am not a large girl). It drew attention to all of the bad places – my waist disappeared in a sea of excess material. It was dispatched post-haste to ASOS and with a net loss of €15 I hope I have finally learnt my lesson.
Being truthful, this was not my first attempt to try the playsuit. As a little person I thought it might lend me a cute vibe when worn with stacked heels. Not so. A colourful romper on a shorter lady just makes you look like you are re-living your youth in the crayola box. So this summer I will be gazing longingly at my tall friends parading around in their nice floral playsuits while funking up my trusty black one with some new accessories.

shorties need not apply. floral asos suit of crime

the safer option