I love a good hoodie, the bigger the better i think. and it’s hard to find a really good hoodie – sleeve’s are too short, the hood too small, zip or no zip? Over the years I have had many a hoodie used for all occasions. Slouching around the house on sick / hangover days, thrown over pyjamas when my dad insists its not that cold in the house so no need to turn on the heating even though its minus 3 outside…. festivals – I would be lost without my collection of hoodies at festivals, although every year, every festival I manage to lose at least one. I cant imagine how many hoodies have been lost due to my *crazy, energetic dancing. I think in general though the hoodie is shamefully underrated. Where would you be the morning after the night before without a massive hoodie to throw over last nights clothes to get to maxol for a chicken fillet role eh? And its not just for feifer (fat heifer) days, the day after said feifer day you throw on a nice sporty hoodie to hit the gym or go jogging to rid the excess food comsumption of your previous feifer day. And its uni-sex, everyone can take advantage of a great hoodie – I personally find guy’s hoodies are great for slouchy days ( apologies to any hoodie I have forgotten to return… ), although I think with guys they rely too much on a hoodie and jeans combo, they need to shake it up a bit with some layering etc. So throw up your hands and give a hoorah to the forever underrated hoodie. Now time for tea, Eastenders, pajamas and a hoodie, midweek madness for me!

*the legs flaying everywhere and pointing dance

slouchy skull hoodie


brad smouldering with layering


brad and jen in the same post ooh controversial


hoodies - perfect for everyday hiding from the paps