Nicholas Hoult stars in Tom Fords 2010 eye wear campaign, considerably less risqué than previous Ford campaigns which are known for there provocative and controversial edge, Hoult is looking sexily intellectual with his thick framed 70’s inspired eye wear. Of course Hoult is starring in Tom Ford’s directorial debut “A Single Man” so its no surprise that he is star of the new campaign bringing in more media attention than you can shake a stick at. It’s hard to believe Hoult is the chubby eccentric kid that starred along the floppy-haired fool ( Hugh Grant ) in About A Boy all those years ago, someone’s definitely all grown up….

* Carolyn Murphy also stars, topless. natch.

aw cute but v.strange.

70's geek chic

The Fly anyone??

have a sneaky look at “A Single Man” here. Loving Julianne Moore’s bouffant.