samson's riverside looks like an episode of saved by the bell

so, i cannot lie, these days as a student i am ridiculously up-to-date with all my pop knowledge, no thanks to our only music channel the box, which shows the top 40 on repeat, all day, every day. during one particular hour-long bender of lady gaga’s telephone ringing and taoi cruz’s eyeballs being stuck on replay (yes, its embarrassing, but i even know the lyrics of this song), i began to notice fashion trends emerging from the flashing lights and cheesy lyrics. and, obviously, i know that fashion and music have always been inherently linked, (reference madonna’s louis vuitton headbow, cheryl’s david koma dress), but always fashion leading music. surely not the other way round? but then i noticed a fashion trend not seen at any of the big shows in recent years, but been hinted at for a while now. nineties graphic prints. i’m talking ‘saved by the bell’ and ‘fresh prince of bell air’ with a hint of africana. we all remember it. and now it seems rihanna, zuper blahq and sidney samson are going to be trendsetting this all over the place. check it out.

zuper blahq's graphics are definitely something to keep an eye on.if you can

a quick glance at some of the smaller shows and i wonder whether these designers have also been chuning into the box?

jacob's prints are definately hinting at a nineties revival

scottish up-and-coming designer holly fulton seems to be a fan of zuper blahq too