everyone remembers their first mobile phone. everyone around you had the exact same one – same colour and all (there were only 3 colours to choose from: black, blue or pink). many happy days were spent challenging friends to beat your top score in snake and putting the william tell ringtone on the loudest setting. back then, the single purpose of the mobile phone was to text the lad you fancied. and ring your best friend to talk about the lad you fancied. but now everyone seems to be living their life through their phones: touchscreens, aaps, iphones, internet, email, calenders, reminders etcetc. don’t get me wrong, technology is great, but we must have better things to do with our lives than update facebook 25 times a day from our brand new interfrastic phone contraptions… ha-i laugh at the notion of this as i’m still using my nokia 3220BC that has the plain green screen and can barely receive texts. you have to shout loudly into the phone to be heard, all the while getting looks that say “eh like hello has she heard of the noughties??” from strangers tapping smugly away at their iphones. when it comes down to it, vintage clothing will always be cool but vintage technology?? HELLO YEA AM IN THE LIBRARY!

the height of just-too-muchery?