Holy CatFlap Batman, major fashion tectonic shift spotted on the horizon. With all the discussion about Bloggers V Editors and Couture V High Street and Young V Old and Slebs V Models and just about anything else you can stick a great big V in between, an inversion of seismic proportion has happened without anyone noticing. Newsstand favourite Look magazine, has launched a catwalk show at London Fashion Week featuring only high-street fashion. Supermodel extraordinaire and tireless campaigner of all things proletariat, Erin O’Connor is lending her gravitas and height to the event.

Why is this of any interest to anyone at all? Well firstly the impenetrable hierarchyof the fashion industry is being challenged once again.  The Look fashion show is open to anyone, cue – shock horror – Joe Bloggs and Mary X sitting in the front row.  No more the fertile networking ground of bored, restless, rock star offspring, and instead a lottery of crazed ‘normies’. The fashion industry thrives on an Us V Them situation. Us, merely the lowly, graceless mass public, them the creative visionaries of expensive taste and knowing habits. Secondly, how is the fashion industry going to cope launching new collections side-by-side the rip-off-merchants who sodomize their clothes by making affordable, mass-produced replicas? How can Christopher Kane and Erdem and Antonio Berardi knowingly wave their collections down the runway, aware of the H+M sketch artist furiously scribbling away in the background ready to produce a remarkably similar collection on the Look runway?

This couls be the intersection at which everything comes tumbling down. For we, the lowly, graceless mass public have the most consumer power and dictate the Ready-to-Wear looks and what goes into the high street shops. Who can afford couture or the high-end lines but a few sheiks dotted about the globe. Designers have already had to dismount their high horses and begin collaborating with the high street – Kane and Topshop, Stella and Adidas, Jimmy Choo and H+M, to name but a few.  If the high street now becomes high fashion there ain’t really a whole lot left to distinguish the masses and the Fashion World. I bags Anna Wintours office.