Imagine my delight at seeing my musings confirmed in this article in the Guardian Style section. . I was in the great Topshop Almighty in Oxford Circus at the weekend and I was Not Loving It. The sisters wanted to have a gander – fair enough, it is the flagship – so I went along to be polite. And all my suspicions were confirmed. Heaving with identikit females who subscribe wholeheartedly to the fashion-by-numbers system that Topshop proudly nurtures, it was horrible. The place is packed to the rafters with people, clothes, hormones and stress and the sheer size of the place is overwhelming. After one floor, you’re ready to call it quits, but with 5 more to go, you feel obliged to see it through to the bitter end. Shoes, sales, sweets, wigs, make-up, new trends, old trends, designers young and bold, personal shopping, dog walking…the possibilities are endless. But the probability is that you will leave empty-handed, confused and upset. How did this happen Topshop? A combination of market greed and blanket styling has resulted in a dying fashion behemoth that is no longer exciting. Although I won’t lie – I did manage to purchase the most amazing pair of boots. I love them so much, I might just have to buy a second pair to look at.