Had a whirlwind trip over to London and briefly took leave of my senses. Despite having no money to my name (and currently residing in debt-shaped hole the size of next months wages) I somehow managed to come back laden down with obscure and unnecessary trinkets. London does that to you. It is the SuperMassiveBlackHole of the Fashion World, where anything goes and everything’s in. The place vibrates with fashion energy, nurturing everything from the beautiful and the sublime to the ugly and the damned. The city literally beseeches you to experiment and play, and a stroll through any part of the sprawling metropolis is a lesson in fashion liberation. Anyway, ode-to-London aside, I went a little bit bonkers and bought up a few items – fueled entirely by the excitement of seeing so much fashion – on people, in shops…just wafting through the air. I’ll bring ‘em to Show ‘N Tell tomorrow when I have the pics uploaded. Be afraid. Be very afraid.