ok so this post isn’t technically about fashion, just more of a ranting post if you will. some might say i am just being prudish and i should be more liberal to this sort of thing. i say no – i will never be ok about this. yesterday i decided to use my local pool for some easy exercise to help get rid of the inevitable christmas pounds i have acquired over the last few weeks. all grand, do my laps and go to get changed. but WAIT there is a least 10 naked women chatting amongst each other, showering and some appearing to just be standing there taking full advantage of being in the nip. am i the only one that feels a tad uncomfortable in these situations? what is the proper etiquette in nude changing room situations? we should go back to the days of the 1920’s when it was considered an outrage to be seen in anything less than a full length swimsuit! but for now i will keep eyes to the floor and get changed in under 2 minutes while avoiding all conversation starters.