with the din of new years eve still ringing in my ears, there are a few things i am coming to terms with in my life. one is that i am a jewellery fetishist. no chain too dangly, no bracelet too jangly and no ring too sparkly…the proverbial magpie. and nothing too discreet. no siree not for me. if coco chanel said always take one item off before you leave the house, i say put at least 3 more on. and the bigger the better. i really embrace costume jewellery, so titled because of its place on the stage, and pat butcher is an idol. for example, i am wearing not one, but four necklaces today. how much jewellery is too much jewellery? when you lose the need for actual clothing, but not a diamond before that.

A sampling of my jewels

my other realisation is that i will never be a teenager again. some might think that a slow dawning, or at odds with my outwardly mature persona, but i really feel, somewhere deep down, time stopped for me at 17. not that it was a particularly great year or a particularly great period (not that it was particularly bad either) but for some reason my mental clock got trapped on the eve of my 17th birthday – i mean i still don’t know what to do when i grow up. i have the same amount of rage and angst and emotion; i’ve just learned to control it in a socially acceptable manner. i still sulk around my parents (they just don’t understand me) and i totally identify with all the cast of twilight.
but since i can’t stomp around scowling and composing verbose soliloquies about the injustice of life, i can channel my inner teenage goth and work some ostentatious jewellery at the same time. check out these bad boys: designer Pamela Love (New York jewellery designer) embraces a darkly macabre theme to her work. skulls, snakes, detailed beating hearts, crows, discarded teeth…the whole gamut of everything that is weird, eccentric and deviant. nothing says angst-ridden like a graphically detailed heart medallion, ventricles and all. so my new years resolution is to wear more jewellery that taps into my inner teenage demons.