So there I was … totally minding my own business. Not hurting anyone, not getting in anyone’s face, just having a mosey through Dunnes. The way you do. Like when you go to get milk, you just can’t resist having a look around the rest of the place. Usually I stick to the Homewares section and mentally decorate the house I don’t have. And I had just recently recovered from a Penny’s binge which had left me fairly well sustained for the Christmas period, so I’d no business wandering around the clothes section. Jen wrote about her Penny’s binge not that long ago, and perhaps it was the reading of that post that was the catalyst for my Dunnes expedition. When I read her piece it took me right back to the feelings  I experienced during my Penny’s binge. The dizzying joy on finding an amazing piece (such as the jacket below, which I thought was very Sg. Peppers but everyone around me insists is Cheryl Cole, sigh); the gut-wrenching fear when you think of what your bank balance will look like, post binge; the moral arguments you have with yourself when you think about why the clothes are so cheap, and finally the justification you reach for buying a gold sequined skirt that you know you’ll only wear twice before it falls apart. In essence, you run the gamut of human emotion and it leaves you elated, shaky and infinitely poorer afterwards. Perhaps its interesting that we’re using the word ‘binge’ with all the negative connotations it conjurs up, as opposed to the infinitely more joyful word, ‘spree’.

Anyway, I am totally digressing here. The point is, I’d just had a binge. I was done for the year. My next binge wasn’t scheduled to take place until February 2010 and I was in town to buy Christmas presents for people I love and hold in good regard. But that was all shunted aside when I saw the purple high heels. And then the dress, which I will dub my Jackie-O dress from here on in. And then the stripey bolero, which I wasn’t sure if I loved or hated at first, but after I bought it, decided I had to love it. Ok, so I didn’t buy as much as I did during my Penny’s binge, but the feelings were all there. Because, when I analyse both binges I realise something – it wasn’t about the clothes. It wasn’t about the shoes. It was about the rush. The rush that comes from buying something that looks so amazing for so little. For example, my best purchase of the year might turn out to be the black silky romper suit was acquired during the Dunnes binge for …. wait for it … ONE EURO! I don’t even know if I’ll ever wear it (possibly because I know I’ll look totally ridiculous) but who the hell cares!! It only cost ONE EURO!!