are you sick of ripped abs and chiseled jaws and piercing stares and preppy dress and sunny dispositions? gleaming teeth and hairless chests? clean lines and prissy personalities? im talking about the image of the ‘perfect man’ that is projected throughout the modeling, advertising and acting worlds. of course there are exceptions – vincent cassel, javier bardem and steve buscemi among them (the latter may be a personal preference) but on the whole the media is saturated with these sanitized versions of man. well a german model agency, based in cologne, has retaliated against this homogeneity and is promoting men (and women) with ‘poetic’ looks,  people with a ‘natural energy and warmth’. the agency is called nine daughters and a stereo, and were recently featured in dazed digital, conducting a shoot with the ‘wild’ men of cologne.they are imperfect perfect, flawless but flawed – pierced, unkempt, crooked, pale, awkward, individual and unique.