i have finally figured out the snappery-whizzery-pressery-bobbery thing that is the digital camera (did i ever mention i studied photography for 3 years in college? i immediately eradicated that part of my memory space on account of a beastly lecturer and a complete aversion to photoshop. the endless hours wasting away over a cropped selection, the spinning ball of death, and don’t get me started on layers…) now i just press and snap and the only function i know is the glaring, bleaching, anger of the flash. great for sandblasting out ruddy complexions and bloodshot eyes. anywaaaaaaaaaaay, it means i am in the first flush of excitement whereby i take pictures of anything and everything. and lucky for you dear reader, i am sharing these glorious snaps with you. i might branch out into family portraits next year. or travel destinations. nothing more riveting then looking through blurred shots of rock formations in places you haven’t been to, with people you don’t care about.

so below you can witness my foray into neon orange nail varnish. i still love it. it’s very…present. like you can’t miss it, it’s always there, like a beacon at sea, or a road sign. especially when partnered with my knuckleduster (that be the blurred part of this shot, but i’m sure you get the drift) and my topshop diamond collection (people keep asking me about them; almost in awe – they cost me a tenner and remind me of barn-brack plastic rings, but i’m obviously working it somehow). beneath that again you can see my secret santa clutch present – i am the beneficiary, and it has already been put to good use. i paraded it out about the town on friday night and found it to be ample in size, light in weight and damn sexy.

obnoxiously neon orange nails

obnoxiously dirty tabletop counter. and new clutch.