i never thought it would happen to me. but it has. i was walking along the canal this afternoon, attracting a few stares at lunchtime. baggot street was the backdrop; suits and boots were the order of the day. my colourful attire was a little too much to handle at the interchange of dismal street and dank road. but nonetheless, it made me acutely aware of my outfit and i started (mentally) undressing and redressing myself. what was i wearing? fringed and studded ankle boots. check. purple tights. check. denim shorts. check. flower-print, scooped-neck top. check. sequin cardigan. check. grey leather jacket. check. fur stole. check. what was wrong? and then it dawned, like the creeping blush of a teachers scolding…i was wearing too many trends! Too-Many-Trends. or TMT syndrome as i shall now refer to it. i always believed myself to be above the law of fashion. the lone wolf if you will, roaming through the vast plains of trends and looks, hunting down a piece here or appropriating another piece there. i was too cynical to follow everything…the aggressive consumerism, the in-built obsolescence, the buy-buy-buy carousel of the fashion industry. and yet, here i am, donning every single look for A/W. but i know what happened. Pennys happened. damn you Pennys. damn you.