got some citrus sharp orange nail varnish….been hankering after some neon for a while. debuting it in the office…colleagues a little perturbed. i think it offers a little sparkle in an otherwise grey world.
it does seem to be growing more effervescent by the minute. i sense that staring too long at my nails might induce a headache.

feeling a little overwhelmed and to be quite frank, a little abused by the vicious wheel of fashion. sometimes you get suckered in without realising…consumed by the rapidly regenerating trend cycle of things You Simply Must Have only to realise that the new item of cherished clothing Simply Won’t Do anymore. all in the space of a week. thoughts are a little raw on this…i feel like i’m trying to escape an abusive relationship, and so a more developed rant will be coming soon.

in other general musings, i am interested to see how jedward will be styled and shot for the cover of dazed and confused, i’m excited about my upcoming penneys binge this wednesday, i’m conflicted over whether to buy a cruella de ville style faux fur jacket and finally i’m wondering if it is really superficial to be writing about fashion when we are at the brink of global warming disaster? perhaps that is why i’m feeling so uninspired on the blog front at the moment.